Why is a NYC SEO Important for Your Business Growth?

If you’re a local business trying to increase more traffic and visitors to your website and physical location, it’s mandatory that you implement a marketing strategy that includes NYC SEO services. Why? Because no one is using the Yellow Pages anymore to find information about local businesses. They are on the Internet looking for a company to purchase goods and services from. In fact, not only are they on the internet, but these potential customers are on their mobile devices and cell phones ready to visit your location after they find information about your business that answers the problem that they have. Need proof? Here are some local statistics that will give you insight on how consumers are using the internet:

  • 100 million people a month use Google Maps from their mobile phones to find directions and information about a local business.

  • 90% of commercial online searches result in actual purchases made at a physical offline location

  • 82% of people conducting local searches, follow up offline after they perform an online search

  • 74% of people searching on the internet are performing a local search

  • 66% of Americans use online searching to locate a local business

  • 54% of Americans have substituted the Yellow pages for the Internet and local search

If you’re a small business owner, how do you capitalize on this growing trend of internet consumers? You implement an effective New York Local SEO campaign designed to increase your website visibility and eventually your sales.

When you are living in a competitive place like New York, you have to stand out and make your business noticeable. Local online marketing is your ticket to success. However, there are 5 critical components to an effective local SEO strategy.

5 Critical Factors to New York City SEO

  1. Google Profile - If you want to catapult your business to the first page of Google, list your business on Google Places, now known as Google My Business. By doing so, you are verifying that you are a real business. This way you can optimize your local profile to get more local traffic.

  2. Keywords & Categories - When it comes to local online marketing, it’s very important that you place relevant keywords in the categories section of your local profiles. Your keywords should be an exact match of what your customers are looking for. For example, if you are a dentist trying to get more traffic, and your prospect is looking for “ New York Dentist”, you want to make sure your keywords are exactly that and not “ Dentist New York.” However, the beauty of the categories section is that you can optimize it for a variation of different keywords.

  3. Reviews - Consumer reviews are important because they give information about a business. Reviews from other customers can help prospective customers decide if they want to visit your establishment or not. The amount of reviews has an impact on your search engine rankings. Whether your reviews are good or bad, you should have a review strategy in place to get more reviews from your customers.

  4. Citations - Citations are important information about your website such as your business name, your phone number, and physical address. They key to citations is being consistent with how you list your business on various platforms. For example, if your business name was ACME, INC, it should appear as ACME, INC, and not Acme, Incorporated or any other variation of your corporation. The way you list your business in your local profile is the same exact way you should list your business in local and niche directories. A critical part of an effective citation strategy, is to list your business citations on a wide variety of directories. Some of the most popular directories include:

    • Yelp
    • CitySearch
    • Manta
    • Kudzu
    • Insider Pages
    • Angie's List
    • And much more

The key to a NYC search engine optimization campaign is to be consistent, achieving high rankings doesn’t happen overnight, it is a long term process. However, if you implement all the critical factors of a local SEO campaign, you can see results in a short period of time. A mixture of good reviews, quality citations, high quality and relevant keywords, while maintaining a presence on your social media profiles will help you maximize your online visibility while increasing profits and revenue for your business. Local online marketing is the new way to get more website traffic and sales and there have been countless case studies that confirm this.

The Yellow Pages are virtually extinct; your best customer is online looking for your business. If you want to get found online and increase sales, it’s imperative that you build an online presence. Google Maps and Local SEO is a sure fire way to get increased rankings and increased sales.

They say New York City is the city that never sleeps. Don’t you wish the seo agency working to promote your website had a reputation like that? Here at Local Marketing Nerds, we don’t rest when it comes to pursuit of the top search engine results for our clients. We specialize in helping clients in the New York area, but our expertise translates well to helping clients regardless of location – the internet is global, after all. And if we can get people noticed in NYC, well, as the saying goes, “if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere”.

Our methods are ideally suited to getting you noticed. We analyze your competition, find the right keywords, use the right methods, hire the right staff, and get you the right results at the right time on the right budget. Whether your site or business is large or small, we can get the results you need to achieve your goals.

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